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As on 19th November 2017, RasGas Helium 3 Project achieved 3 Million Safe Man-hours without LTI. On 11th December 2017, the achievement was celebrated with our Client RasGas and Subcontractor Partners – Blackcat, Draieh. This achievement signifies the teamwork and continued effort of Chiyoda Almana and our Subcontractor Partners supported by our Client – RasGas.

Helium 3 Project construction is at its peak; site is witnessing multi-discipline activities in full swing. By starting pre-mechanical completion activities, Project has achieved another leap forward. The implementation of SHE&S management system procedures is continued. “Beat the heat”, implementation of the heat stress prevention program without heat stress-related illness was one of the key achievements among many. As a part of SHE&S activities, various SHES programs were successfully implemented during Project execution.

A summary of the main activities that led to this achievement are:

  • Civil construction works for the two building (Substation and control building) completed which include significant excavations, reinforcement, concrete & paintwork, etc.
  • Installation of instrumentation and electrical panels are ongoing.
  • Battery panel and battery pack energised with temporary power supply.
  • Complete the structural erection for the pipe racks, Liquefier structure, and continuing the installation of loading bay structure, compressor shelter
  • Many significant lifting and rigging activities were carried out safely for mechanical installations where almost 941 MT erections of mechanical equipment & 431 MT of structural steel were completed.
  • Major scaffolding erections were done in the project safely such as high rise scaffolding (25 Mtr) of Compressor shelter, hanging scaffolds erected for Inside Battery Limit (ISBL)& Outside Battery Limit (OSBL) pipe racks.
  • Successfully carried out many Tie-in activities at OSBL such as Crude Helium FEED, Potable Water, Instrument air, Nitrogen, Fuel gas tie-in, Cooling water tie-in etc.
  • Successfully installed the Pipelines in existing pipe rack at OSBL.
  • Pre-mechanical completion activities commenced – Carried out Air blowing, water flushing and Aqua milling jobs.
  • Developed and implemented SHES management system for the Project.
  • Achieved 100% mandatory training for all Project personnel.
  • Conducted 50 emergency drill exercises on various scenarios.
  • Conducted 210 SHE&S Audits & Assessments.
  • Performed 12,468 of SHES inspections.
  • Observation card raised so far is 53,383.
    Implemented Behaviour Observation and Intervention program, 9,262 nos. of checklist raised.

We have a long way to go and will be facing many challenges. However, team efforts will make us strong enough to withstand any challenge that may come across in our path, from planning the activities, the arrangements of resources and the safe execution of the work. Again, this will not be possible without the unwavering support & dedication of each individual involved in the project.

The aim is to encourage the adoption of a positive, proactive, committed safety, health, environmental and security culture throughout all phases of the project. Let us overcome hurdles with innovative ideas, updated knowledge & constant improvement. Let us continue to work together to achieve company’s commitment to a zero-incident work environment with a safety culture based on teamwork and safety leadership, where everyone is responsible for workplace safety.

We would like to congratulate each member of the RasGas Helium 3 project members for their contribution in making this very encouraging SHE&S performance and look forward to hearing more accomplishments.


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