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Chiyoda Almana Compliance System

Within the framework of Chiyoda Group led by Chiyoda Corporation (, Chiyoda Almana established a system to adhere to and manage compliance issues related to local and international laws and regulations, internal policies and rules, human rights, harassment, anti-corruption, and information security. The Rules on Compliance Management System has been formulated to layout such framework and to maintain and advance its compliance standards.

Particularly for anti-corruption, Chiyoda Almana has in place and operates pursuant to detailed procedures for providing economic benefits to public officials and for engaging third parties having a brokering role such as agents and consultants.

In order to answer to the effectiveness of its compliance system, Chiyoda Almana continuously conducts trainings on compliance issues, including anti-corruption, to all its employees and update its compliance management system from time to time.

Chiyoda Almana Compliance Golden Rules

The Compliance System of Chiyoda Almana can be summarized in the following Golden Rules:

  • A business conduct based on a responsible corporate governance, ensuring the company’s value-oriented and sustainable management and company;
  • A strict compliance with the applicable legal requirements, internal policies and others rules of Chiyoda Almana;
  • The prohibition of any kind of bribery (including facilitation payments) and corruption;
  • An accurate records part of our corporate integrity (our records shall correctly reflect all business transactions and expenditures, be complete, transparent, and according to applicable laws and Chiyoda Almana’s accounting and reporting policies and procedures);
  • A fair and reliable treatment of our Partners, Clients, Subcontractors and Vendors to maintain relationships beneficial for both parties;
  • A transparent selection of our Subcontractors and Vendors through in particular a free and fair competition principles; and
  • A promoted whistleblowing system allowing a supervision of any wrongdoing and an early detection of compliance violations and potential violations.
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