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On 13 March, in Collaboration with Qatar Diabetes Association, 130 employee from Chiyoda Almana Engineering undertook a diabetes assessment at their work place at Chiyoda Almana headquarter.

The assessment included four major steps started with measuring of weight, height, and waist circumference, followed by taking blood pressure, then blood sugar testing and concluded by one-to-one discussion with the Medical Specialist and receiving of recommendation.

Chiyoda Almana employees like many other office based employees, spend many hours a day sitting at desks and carrying out office work without proper physical exercise. Which is what encouraged Chiyoda Almana management to support and conduct its first Diabetes in Work Program.

The program meets the company’s health initiatives embraced to promote healthy work environment and a healthy society. Furthermore, this program comes as further step in Chiyoda Almana relationship with governmental authorities and associations in Qatar to expand company’s corporate social responsibilities.

The Qatar Diabetes Association provided all required equipment and medical resources to conduct the check up at the highest level of proficiency and accuracy which offered a valuable opportunity for diabetes education and prevent.

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