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More than 150 of Chiyoda Almana’s employees and their family members celebrated the 10th establishment anniversary of the company by conducting a beach cleaning activity.
For the 8th year, Chiyoda Almana in collaboration with the Beaches and Islands Division part of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, arranged an environmental activity to clean up approximately 2.5km stretch of coastline in the vicinity of Al Jumail – The Fishermen’s village.
Over the last 10 years of successful operation in Qatar, Chiyoda Almana gives the highest priority to Qatar’s environment and has executed many projects considering environmental protection and conservation.
Mr. Tanemura, Deputy Managing Director of Chiyoda Almana who led the campaign, passed a message to all participants about the importance of individuals and companies’ responsibility towards the environment in Qatar.
Mr. Tanemura also expressed company’s appreciation and gratitude to the representatives from Ministry of Municipality for their continued cooperation and support to Chiyoda Almana for our annual beach cleaning activities.

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