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On an annual basis, Chiyoda local affiliate in Qatar, Chiyoda Almana and Chiyoda Headquarters in Yokohama, Japan welcome up to three groups of Qatari engineers for comprehensive customized technical training program lasting 5 – 7 weeks.

The program comes as part of the continued collaboration between Qatargas and Chiyoda Corporation, one of the most reputable Japanese engineering companies, to support the development of local capabilities in Qatar.

Chiyoda has maintained strong ties with Qatargas since the early 1990’s including engineering / construction of the existing LNG plants in Qatar. Chiyoda is considered as a partner by Qatargas for the enrichment of young engineers who benefit from technical knowledge from third parties. The technical training covers two major concepts of oil & gas project development; Greenfield and Brownfield.

During the program, Qatari engineers were exposed to many engineering disciplines involved in LNG project execution with insight into the latest Japanese technologies and Artificial Intelligence solutions for smart plant operation. The program included a site visit to a leading Japanese measurement and control technologies provider to offer an opportunity to see the production line of control valves and a visit to a comprehensive heavy-industry manufacturer to observe the manufacture of rotating equipment.

The program was further extended to include introduction to Japanese culture and Japanese business etiquette to enrich the overall experience and outcome.
With the great importance given by Qatar National Vision 2030 to the development and investment in Qatari national human resources, Chiyoda Corporation in Japan and Chiyoda Almana in Qatar together extend the contribution to Qatar sustainability through strong business relationships and continued knowledge transfer to Qatari engineering graduates.

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