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Safety Culture at Chiyoda Almana

Placing importance on “safety on the construction site and office”, Chiyoda Almana has been promoting Chiyoda Corporation original program “C-SAFE” and fostering a safety culture with the motto “every incident is preventable” as mentioned in the corporate IMS Statement (Integrated Management System). 

C-Safe, the Leadership and Workers Commitment Program is the foundation of all HSE initiatives.

  • Project safety performances are known to fluctuate due to numerous reasons, i.e.: 
  • Inadequate or late issuing of procedures,
  • Non-compliance with procedures (knowingly or not being focused),
  • Lack of consequences when procedures are not complied with, 
  • Lack of supervision or ability to influence people.
  • Inadequate craft competencies etc.

To put an end to the fluctuations, a “GAP” analysis was conducted on the content of the current International HSE Management System as well as the causes of serious incidents and near-miss cases (recorded within Chiyoda and on other major oil & gas construction projects).

The findings and conclusions were developed into the foundation program C-Safe for current and future HSE initiatives.  The vision of C-Safe is to ensure leadership and worker commitment by focusing on 20% of the safety programs that will ensure 80% effectiveness. 

Above is the new logo which represents C-Safe as a corporate program. The logo expresses our strong will to ensure that our safety culture passes on to the next generation. The logo perfectly suits the Chiyoda Almana and will help focus the eyes of future generations on all the business activities of the Chiyoda Almana, and will urge each employee to carefully consider the issue of safety and maintain a fresh awareness of “Safety First”.

C-SAFE focus on:

– Seven (7) Primary management control areas.
– Seven (7) Core Leading Indicators related to Safety Management.
– Involve all senior members of a Project and hold them responsible to manage certain key safety elements and core leading indicators.

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