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In an annual habit, Chiyoda Almana Engineering Company, celebrated the Company’s Foundation Day for this year 2016 by conducting the Annual Beach Cleaning Campaign in cooperation with Ministry of Municipality & Environment in Qatar (Baladiya).

On 06 March, the corporate campaign was conducted at Al Zubara beach area. The campaign extended to include 200 company employees and their family members in an environmental activity to show everyone’s support and appreciation to the environment in Qatar.

For the 6th year consecutively, Chiyoda Almana held the Beach Cleaning Campaign as part of the company’s CSR program. For this year the event was held with a new theme “Think Globally, Clean Locally”.

Madoka Koda _ Executive Advisor at Chiyoda Almana, given the start word of the event and commented “Chiyoda Almana as a local engineering company and real partner in Qatar development, is always keen through various corporate social activities to maintain the established successful cooperation with all governmental authorities in Qatar in order to support the academic society in many fields such as education, environmental protection, human resources development and much more.”

Mr. Koda added “When environment is always the main resource for any development and also environment protection is one of the four main pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030, therefore we always give priority to environment protection through our contribution to achieve sustainable development in Qatar”

On behalf of Chiyoda Almana management and employees, Mr. Koda extended the company’s thanks and gratitude to representatives from Ministry of Municipality & Environment (Baladya) for their kind facilitating and support every year to Chiyoda Almana Beach Cleaning Campaigns.

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