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Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Environmental Impact Assessment requires:
    – People –
    EIA practitioners, subject matter experts
    – Data –
    information about the receiving environment
    – Stakeholders –
    considering their views, opinions, issues, and                  managing their expectations
    – Project –
    understanding complex engineering information
    • Xodus has built a multi-disciplinary team with knowledge and experience throughout life of assets from initial feasibility to decommissioning. We also use in-country partners as a matter of course for local knowledge/experience & capacity building
  • We have made a commitment to quality in the UK which we apply to all of our global EIA work – on an annual basis we are audited for Excellence in:
    – EIA Management, EIA Team Capabilities, EIA Regulatory Compliance, EIA Context & Influence, EIA Content, EIA Presentation and Improving EIA practice
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